giovedì 31 maggio 2012

International Competition Prince Francesco Maria Ruspoli

The Centro Studi e Ricerche Santa Giacinta Marescotti in Vignanello promotes the IV edition 2012 of International  Competition Prince Francesco Maria Ruspoli. 

a)  To honour Prince Francesco Maria Ruspoli, prominent figure of Roman Baroque and great patron of Artists as Jacques Hotteterre Le Romain , Georg Friedrich H ndel, Antonio Caldara, Benedetto Marcello, and poets of Academy of Arcadia, by reinventing his patronage and passion for arts and music;

 b)  To find and give expressive form to the genius loci, represented by the music of Baroque   period, which embodied the identity of Vignanello and Castello Ruspoli during the court of Prince Francesco Maria. He made his court one of the main cultural centres of his time, equating to the other noble European residences;

 c)  To create an opportunity for launching young talents in the field of historically informed performance of music of the Baroque era (17th and 18th centuries), who could relive the atmosphere of Ruspoli Castle, where many important artistic events took place; 

 d)  To range over different disciplines of music, alternating singing sections with instruments, and exploring new techniques also in modern way; 

 e)  To promote research and study in musicological sectors, from historical and archival researches about the patronage to the inquiry on expressive languages, musical and iconographic sources, and musical instruments in the Baroque Period (17th and 18th centuries). 

The Musicology Sector of the competition calls for the submission of original musicological research. 

See  for full details.
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