mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

Doctoral and Postdoctoral Positions Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg

The Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 933 “Material Text Cultures. Materiality and Presence of the Scriptural in Non-Typographic Societies”, has been set by the German Research Council to commence work on 1 July 2011 at the Ruprecht Karl University Heidelberg (collaborating partner: College of Jewish Studies, Heidelberg). Researchers working in the field of cultural studies will investigate the material presence of writing in various fields of practice in “non-typographic societies” that possess no, or no widespread methods for the mass production of writing. With this, the centre will chart those receptive practices which in all probability were employed for written text on the strength of its material presence. The ‘material text cultures’ thus identified in non-typographical societies will then undergo systematic description and be compared with those of typographical societies.

The CRC 933 “Material Text Cultures” is now looking for junior researchers with outstanding qualifications who are keen to contribute their own specific abilities to the development of a new research paradigm in the field of text-based cultural studies. Vacancies for doctoral candidates (65% TVL E 13) and post-doctoral researchers (TVL E 13) are being offered in the following sub-projects (SP) at the CRC:
  • 1 Postdoctoral position in Classical Philology or Ancient History with specialisation in Papyrology and/or Epigraphy, SP A02 “Antique letters as a means of communication” (Dr. R. Ast);
  • 1 Position for a doctoral candidate in Early and Ancient History, SP A03 “Materiality and presence of magical sigils between Antiquity and the Middle Ages” (Prof. Dr. T. Meier);
  • 1 Postdoctoral position in Assyriology, SP B01 “The materialisation of conceptual order. The ways of representing scholarly knowledge on clay tablets” (Prof. Dr. S. M. Maul);
  • 1 Postdoctoral position in Classical Archaeology or Ancient History, SP B03 “Administrative text practice in Mycenaean Greece. On the materials and medium-related aspects of early Grecian Scripturality” (Prof. Dr. D. Panagiotopoulos);
  • 1 Postdoctoral position and 1 doctoral stipend in Jewish Studies, SP B04“Scholarly knowledge, drollery or esotericism? The Masora of the Hebrew Bible in its various material properties” (Prof. Dr. H. Liss);
  • 1 Postdoctoral position in Assyriology/Sumerology and 1 postdoctoral position in Near Eastern Archaeology, SP C01 “The materiality and presence of writing in the Ancient Mesopotamian power discourse between 2500 and 1800 BCE” (Prof. Dr. M. Hilgert, Prof. Dr. P. Miglus);
  • 2 Positions for doctoral candidates in Classical Philology (Latin), SP C03 “Temporal forms. Spatial forms. Strategies for negotiating the materiality and presence of writing in Augustan literature” (Prof. Dr. J. P. Schwindt);
  • 1 Postdoctoral position in East Asian Art History with specialisation in Chinese Buddhism, SP C04 “The Buddhist canon in stone. Materialisation and presencing of sacred writings in the Cloud Dwelling Monastery (616–1180 C.E.)” (Prof. Dr. L. Ledderose);
  • 1 Postdoctoral position in German Studies with specialisation in Mediaeval and/or Early Modern Studies, SP C05 “Inscriptionality. The reflections of material text culture in the literature of the 12th to 17th centuries.” (Prof. Dr. L. Lieb);
  • 1 Postdoctoral position in Islamic or Arabic Studies, SP C06 “Profession and training in Islamic chancery practice (adab al-kātib) or: Administration as the ultimate discipline” (Prof. Dr. S. Enderwitz);
  • 1 Postdoctoral position in Anthropology with focus on Kawi, Ancient Balinese, and Tulisan as well as 1 position for a doctoral candidate in Anthropology with focus on South East Asia and/or Bahasa Indonesia, SP C07 “Sacred and holy scripture. On the materiality and function of competing systems of writing during the formation of the religious field in Bali” (Prof. Dr. A. Hornbacher).

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